An outdoor living space needs to be an area that is more than just an afterthought. The decor should encourage people to want to have a seat and stay a little longer. Comfort and convenience, as well as beauty, should be the goal.

Add Some Seating

The installation of enough seating for everyone is important, but make certain the seats are comfortable. A few stools help to ensure all guests can take a rest even when more people arrive than expected. Most of the seating should be armchairs with padded seats and backs. The investment helps people to feel more like they are in a lounge rather than a backyard. Use fixed chairs for dining areas and swivel chairs for conversation areas, so they are easy to adjust.


Include Some Tables

A dining table is useful for a meal or a game of cards but add some occasional tables too. All seating should have some type of table surface nearby, so guests do not have to hold their snacks or beverages all the time. Tables also supply a place to set accent lighting, plants and other types of decor.

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Soften the Space

An indoor-outdoor rug will add color and softness to the entertainment area and are an effortless way to define individual spaces. The brands of rugs made for outdoor use are typically UV- and stain-resistant and clean up easily with a vacuum or hose. Companies like offer a variety of outdoor rugs that have colors and patterns to brighten any space.


Add Focal Points

An interesting focal point is a necessity for any area where people gather. Something mesmerizing helps to make the lulls in conversation unnoticeable. The addition of a focal point is perfect for romantic evenings too. Water or fire features are the most common choices for this purpose. Fire pits add some warmth when entertaining on a cool night and they encourage fun activities like roasting marshmallows. Water features add a touch of serenity.


People should spend as much time decorating an outdoor living space as they would an interior room. The area often becomes the most popular place in the home. Outdoor spaces make homes seem larger and make entertaining easier. Homeowners that need more inspiration can visit 

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